About inGenuity

inGenuity - Indium Software's Annual QA Event aims to discuss on latest software testing trends & challenges for testers on emerging technologies; Provides industry stalwarts’ viewpoints on current trends aiming to increase our tester’s motivation, delivery excellence and quality of testing.

The conference would cover processes (stages, steps and activities) and tools (techniques, methods and measures) that generate significant time savings and efficiencies in delivery to end users. It would enlighten the members to improve the approach, process, and customer services and also make the members to think and pay attention to all key factors and the potential pitfalls.

inGenuity Selection Process Flow

It is imperative to set a context with the help of a theme to kick off an event. Indium strongly believes in good theme as it can translate a great concept into a better practice. The theme is always based on disruptive industry trends by Gartner, Forester, IDC, Nielsen, etc or our client experience that truly draws attention. We do believe in fair participation from Test engineers to Program Manager.

After announcing the ‘call for papers’, we give 3 weeks for the employees to submit their whitepaper’s abstract in order to participate as a contender in inGenuity.

An abstract should carry the most compelling information in a crisp/precise template. An introductory statement (thesis) explaining the reason for the research, or a statement of the problem or hypothesis. Followed by summary of procedures, emphasizing key points or steps, and the data you observed, which include results that made you revise procedures along the way. It is a plus if one can summarize what was learned about the hypothesis and what it means to the world.

Around 25 submissions we receive every year. All paper submissions will be eligible for ‘qualifying round’. There will be 4-6 panelist to judge the presentation. Another 4 weeks will be given for all the participants to submit both whitepaper and presentation. The content should be really fresh, creative and inclined to theme of the event.

When you have wit of your own, it's a pleasure to credit other people for theirs. Exactly, have a unique and special presentation which would showcase your efforts. Begin on time and finish on time portrays the characteristics of a good time management individual.

Each presenter will be judged on the following parameters:

  • Adhering to dead lines
  • No plagiarism
  • Relevance to the theme
  • Quality of the presentation
  • Presentation skill
  • Paper content / relevance
  • Confidence in the topic
  • Ability to answer questions

Every year 6 papers are selected for the main event “inGenuity”. These contestants will have a special mentor from the industry to prep them up. With lots of iterations and continuous assessment, he/she will help in the flow of the content. The main event will have keynote speakers, Panel discussion and best practices presentation in line with inGenuity theme. A panel of 4 Industry Stalwarts in QA space will select the winner during the main event.